Blurry / Poor Refresh Mac windows?

  • Delete /Library/Preferences/
  • Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*.plist
  • Shutdown OSX
  • Startup, immediately press and hold the P and R keys while holding down the option (⌥) and command (⌘) keys before the gray boot screen appears, which resets the PRAM
  • You may have to reset your display preferences (resolution) once you login
  • Done!

Jailbroken iPhone Apps

ifile/filza (filesystem + cloud storage integration)

flex 2.5 (particularly amazing, can tweak any individual app)

fascy (faster scrolling acceleration)

flipcontrolcenter (customized cc toggles)

mikoto (angelxwind’s amazing multipurpose tweak)

hudtransparent8 (get rid of that godaweful volume indicator blocking the whole screen)

afc2/ssh – store and access files without itunes via computer

youtube++ (no ads + youtube downloader & backgrounder)

itransmission (torrent)

+ some ipad specific stuff for my ipad (force phone apps to full screen, retroarch emulator, controllers4all – use a ds4 controller)

Funny Wifi Names



Funny Wifi Names



You kids get off my lan

I am cheating on my wifi

Help, I am trapped in a router

A van down by the river

Protected cex

Don’t touch me

Click here to inject virus.

FBI surveillance

Funny Wifi Network Names

The lan before time

I am under your bed

Error 404 not found

Wifi connection failed

Click here to disconnect

Hacking your computer

2 girls 1 router

Network not found

No device found

Feel like flying

Creative Wifi Names

Call me maybe

This is not free either

Child toucher

Your dog shit in my yard

I have seen you naked

I am under your bed

Ouch sat on my nutz

Searching for device

Our internet is faster than yours

Get your own damn internet

Clever Wifi Names

You pay now

Use this one mom

Please connect for identity theft

Virus distribution centre

No free so get stuffed

You can’t see me

Can you smell me?

Get off my lan

All your bandwidth belong to us

Wi believe I can fi

Cool Wifi Names

Silence of the lan

Look ma, no wires?

I can haz wireless?

The promised lan

Series of tubes

It burns when ip

Lan of milk and honey

I am cheating on my wifi

I am the internet

Drop it like it’s hotspot

Good Wifi Names

Keep it on the download

Don’t touch my daughter

Free cex

Unprotected cex

Osama bin laden



If you smell

Hey don’t use my internet

I can see you blustered

Best Wifi Names

Hang on

Free hat

First time cex

Role play cex

Outdoor cex

Break the bed cex

Newlywed cex

Who the hell are you

Net gear

Sorry for loud cex

Funniest Wifi Names

Get out from my network

Your all noobs

Unsecured connection


Connection is about to lost

Pocket rocket

Quit stealing my paer

Stay off my router

One does not simply connect to wifi

Your wifi is in another castle

Funny Wifi Network Names

This is not free either

Call me maybe

Sour patch kids

Undercover police car

Because a lannister never forgets

Nsa net secure

Slow wifi

Optimus prime

Tell my wifi lover

I can haz wireless

Great Wifi Names

Hidden network

Virus network


Malware found

Virus detected dot use

Pay me

Stealing information

Hacking on progress

Your device may cause harm

Use your own risk

– See more at:

Wifi Client Isolation on a Billion 7800DXL

1. Click on Interface Grouping
2. Click on ‘Add’
3. Enter a ‘Group Name’ eg guest
4. Under ‘Available LAN Interfaces’ select your ‘Guest Network’ and click on the arrow pointing left, so the guest wifi network should now be added to ‘Grouped LAN Interfaces’
5. Click on ‘Apply’
6. Under ‘Group Isolation’ tick the box and click on ‘Apply’
7. Click on ‘LAN >> Ethernet’
8. Under ‘Group Name’ select your guest wifi group for this example I used ‘guest’
9. Tick ‘LAN Side Firewall’ and click on ‘Apply’



Clearing down iCloud duplicates


1) Open “Photos” on your Mac.
2) Export an entire photo library to a folder.
3) Close “Photos”.
4) Create a new library.
5) Open the new empty library in Photos and drag everything in that exported folder to Photos app. You can use CMD+A in finder.
6) During the import you will be prompted to choose what you want to have done for duplicate photos and it will show you the first two identical photos that it has found.
7) Select “skip” and “apply to all”

Apple force touch

The iPhone 6S brings in the latest of apple technologies, a revolutionary haptic feedback technology that pushes the boundaries developed by Apple back in, 2008. 6 years later it thunders in to the marketplace on the Apple Watch, a first gen device whose need has yet to be fully understood so has been heavily marketed by Apple as a fashion accessory. 

 I bought my IPhone 6S on the second day it was on the market. My 4S was looking rather battered and I wanted a different device as a backup to my LG G4. Strafing all the ecosystems as I do, I didn’t want another of the same as there are some things IOS offers that Android doesn’t, like iCloud synching with my Mac and a couple of statistical apps that Android devs have yet to get near to mimicking with such finesse. 

So background aside, what’s has his to do with force touch? Well, 146 days in I have just realised that I have only used this fantastical feature once, and that was only to try it out. Much like the Slo-mo video and the utterly awfully pointless space hogger that is Live Photos, which is almost impossible to use in hand without blurring the video. 

Getting back to force touch, why have I only used it once? Why has right click not taken my life by storm? Simple really, it’s not been usefully implemented. Right click should be the gateway to rapidly perform regularly repeated tasks. It should also always be there and ideally, be consistent. 

A quick test on the apps on my home screen reveals that less than half support the FT menuing system. Big hitters (or missers….) include Plex, Sonos, Google Music, Lightwaverf, Gmail, Netatmo – not even Apple Weather. 

Yes you can blame the developers for this absence, but that doesn’t help me does it. Plus I have to go around finding out what does and doesn’t work and also what features are offered if I do stumble across one that does. It feels a little bit like winning the lottery though when you do find an app that has an FT menu, much like how it used to feel when you went to plug in the old Apple 30 pin connector and got it the right way round first time, so at least there is that. 

Change size of Bootcamp Partition

Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition, a Freeware Windows Program after seeing this video:

OSX Mavericks, Steps are:

1) backup all your files (optional but strongly recommended).

2) Using OSX Disk Utility resize MacintoshHDD partition leaving unallocated space as much as you need to add to bootcamp partition.

3) Set Bootcamp as Boot Disk and restart the mac.

4) in Bootcamp with Windows running launch Mini Tool Partition and select the bootcamp partition.

5) Choose “expand” option in order to expand the partition using all the unallocated space.

6) The program prompt to you to restart the mac for apply the task, cause is not possible while the partition is mounted and windows running.

7) Restart the mac and then automatically Mini Tool Partition will do the job in a “graphic msdos like” form.